How female clients different from male? Escorts Reveal

Escorts disperse very little information about themselves to the world. For the most part, the information available is usually thoroughly screened to ensure that the source does not self-incriminate. However, there is much to be had from anonymous escorts. We chose to take advantage of this and had various chats with female escorts in Anna Nagar about how female clients differ from the male in the escort business.

Female Clients are Rare

It is worth noting that female clients are rare in the escort business. Even male escorts report more male clients than female. The larger demographic of female clients come for threesomes accompanied by a boyfriend or a husband.

They Pay Better

Escorts attest to the fact that female clients pay better than male clients. The general explanation for this is perhaps they can relate to the amount of work the escort has to do to earn her pay. They are also less likely to run a scheme or try to get coy with the payment terms.

Female clients are more humane

One of our sources, an independent Chennai escort, who has 3 regular female clientssays the experience with female clients is often more pleasant and relaxing. This is because female clients are more humane in the way they treat escorts. As our source puts it, “They see us more as human beings than sex objects”. When a female client books you, it is unlikely that she will spend the majority of the time under the sheets. Most of them are interested in bantering like buddies and getting a massage.

Female Clients are Cleaner and Softer

Being with a female client is definitely better especially when referring to hygiene and handling. Female clients smell better, are more emotional and create a better bonding experience with the escort. They are also softer to the touch which is a good thing for everyone, not just escorts.


Escorts report never feeling safer than with a female client. There is a less likelihood of physical and/or verbal abuse from a female client than a male client. Committing atrocities like rape, robbery and/or anal sex is a preserve of the male demographic.

Better communicators

According to Sneha, an independent female escort, a woman who hires an escort haspretty much already decided what she wants. Female escorts communicate better and clearly about what they want done which makes it easier for the escort to fulfill her desires. Most male clients just lay back and go with the flow.

Even though female clients tend to take longer and more elaborate skills to achieve an orgasm, escorts prefer having a female client to a male client because the experience is ultimately better.

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