Importance of Healthy Sex Life in Good Relationship

Romance is not only real but it is also an enough reason to brighten your life even when you are going through your worst times in life. It has been proven that romance is one of the best medicines to an ailing soul. A patient surrounded by love tends to heal faster than one with no affection.

What completes a man?

Nothing matters more to a woman than having a loving and caring man by her side. This is enough to make her climb the highest ladder in life and withstand any kind of challenge in life. However things are very different when it comes to men. What completes a man is good and quality sex. They will run up and down, cook your favorite meal and help you do the laundry, just name it to get the best from their spouses.

It has been proven with time that many of the family wrangles are caused by deprivation from sex. A man who has been sexually starved tends to get irritated very fast; some might end up loathe their partners. When this happens, they can do anything just to see their partners ailing. On the other hand, a man who is sexually satisfied is very jovial, productive, loving and caring. Nothing matters more to them than seeing their partners happy. This becomes the easiest way of solving your marital wrangles in an instance.

The best time of having sex as a couple

We are all wired differently and our bodies operate very different. There are people who are more active in the morning while others love it in the evening and others are good at any time of the day. For that reason there is no set or stipulated time for best sex time. According to Heena, an independent escort in Chennai the most important thing is ensuring that your partner is sexually satisfied at all time.

Much has been said about the importance of having a kick up start to your day by having a deep, romantic and satisfying sex with your partner. This experience gives you a bright start to your day. It has both physical and emotional benefits. To add on that it gives you a break out of your normal sex routine of having sex in bed or when the lights are off which might sometimes be very boring. So get out of your comfort zone and explore a new experience of hitting it in early morning in the bathroom or on the coach!

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