Reasons why married men cheat with escorts

According to a research done recently, the largest number of men who don’t cheat on their wives with a side chic, do so with an escort once in a while. Although their visit to the escort agency is not frequent and they normally deal with different escorts every time, the fact remains, they spare some time and money to spend on an escort. Very few men are strong enough to look directly into their wives' eyes and tell them their weaknesses or where they are failing. This, however, does not mean they learn how to deal with it or to take it as it is. Instead, they suppress their feelings and tolerate the situation. Once they run out of patience, they look for an alternative. The easiest way is to hire an escort.

Although the main reason why married men cheat with an escort is not fully established, there are two main reasons that many who have been courageous enough to speak have listed. These are:

No strings attached

Many men who choose to cheat on their wives with an independent Chennai escort claim to love and value their marriages; therefore, they cannot afford to lose it. It is for this reason they feel safe dealing with an escort since the escort will never call them any other time after their date is over. One of the rules of any agency to their escorts is to never follow up on their clients no matter how good your time with this client is. The client can get back to the escorts if they wish to, but an escort will never reach out on their clients. This assures the client of their safety and the security of their marriages since no one will ever reveal the secret of his behavior to the wife.

No emotional connection

Many married men hire Navalur escorts for a night and they rarely go for a repeat date. Naturally, it is very hard to be emotionally attached to someone you spent only a night with. This makes a relationship with an escort very different with a side chic. This is because aside chic will demand to be loved and appreciated while all an escort needs from their client is their pay and some respect. Secondly, an escort takes her duties as a business and they rarely allow themselves to get too much involved in their client's lives.

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